Two head embroidery machine

Two head embroidery machine

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Pay Less Money , Get Amazing Machine, Enjoy Best Service

10 years service guarantee

24 hours online service

180 countries customers engineers representatives

the most powerful chinese service teams

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Service Hotline:+86 137 1423 6295

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computer embroidery machine prices better two head made in china

>>Full color touch screen control panel-make it so simple to use

>>On board fronts for easy monogramming and lettering projects

>>HUGE design memory on board - 1000 designs or 400 million stitches

>>10.1 full color ,high resolution touch screen interface

>>USB port-convenient design load

>>FAST design load - save production time

>>Network ready-load designs from anywhere

>>Maximum speed 1200 SPM

>>Thread break detection

>>Control precision - min.controllable stitch intervals is 0.1mm

>>Wide cap frame-270 degree

>>Quiet Operation! - quieter than other Chinese cheaper copy type

>>Real time stitching preview

>>Pinpoint laser for prefer embroidery positioning

>>Extended light-so you can see what you are doing

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